Access WordPress custom variables

<?php $keyArray = get_post_custom_values($key , $post->ID); ?>
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The alignment of blocks with different heights within a grid using jQuery


Yesterday while working on a current job, I came across a simple layout that couldn’t simply be done using CSS. Its been see around a lot lately and is common for mobile devices. I had a ‘news feed’ which I wanted to be displayed in a grid, however due to the fact they would have alternate heights, simply using css float or inline-block would result in vertical uneven spaces.

To solve this I used jQuery to rewrite the html onload and onresize. One of the concerns was the items also needed to display left to right then onto the next line, NOT top to bottom then next coloumn.

The main function determines the number of columns available in the given space, then adds each block to the column using a modulo function to determine the right column.

Feel free to copy and use at your peril, I’de like to here of any improvements.

View the demo

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Loop through XML elements using PHP

If you don’t know the absolute path of an element in your xml file the using xpath and ‘//’ acts as a wildcard (similar to ‘..’ in as3 i guess) you can run a loop and return all values for those elements.

Handy for this likes RSS feeds or KML files ect.


$xml = simplexml_load_file('my.xml');

	foreach ($xml->xpath('//xmlnode')  as $node) {
    	echo "\t node: $node <br />\n";
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SQL Update with join.

UPDATE a INNER JOIN b ON =  SET a.column = b.column 
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Javascript onclick=”return validateForm()”;

This is the basics for an checking if a Terms and Conditions checkbox has been checked, using javascript.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns="">
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
<title>Untitled Document</title>
function validateForm()

			alert("You must agree to the terms and conditions");
			return false;

		return true;
<input id="tandc" name="terms" type="checkbox" value="" />
 <a href="process.php" onclick="return validateForm();"><input type="button" name="Submit" value="Submit" /></a> 
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Orbiting around a target 3D object – Away 3D

This is a AS3 script using Away 3D that orbits some 3d objects around a target object, if an alternate target object is selected, all orbiting objects and camera target Tween to their new coordinates.

View Demo


		import away3d.cameras.Camera3D;
		import away3d.containers.ObjectContainer3D;
		import away3d.containers.Scene3D;
		import away3d.containers.View3D;
		import away3d.core.base.Face;
		import away3d.core.base.Mesh;
		import away3d.core.base.Object3D;
		import away3d.core.base.Vertex;
		import away3d.core.clip.RectangleClipping;
		import away3d.core.utils.Cast;
		import away3d.lights.DirectionalLight3D;
		import away3d.lights.PointLight3D;
		import away3d.loaders.Loader3D;
		import away3d.loaders.Swf;
		import away3d.materials.BitmapMaterial;
		import away3d.materials.ColorMaterial;
		import away3d.materials.ShadingColorMaterial;
		import away3d.materials.WireColorMaterial;
		import away3d.materials.WireframeMaterial;
		import away3d.primitives.Cone;
		import away3d.primitives.Cube;
		import away3d.primitives.LineSegment;
		import away3d.primitives.Plane;
		import away3d.primitives.Sphere;
		import away3d.primitives.TextField3D;
		import away3d.primitives.Trident;
		import away3d.sprites.MovieClipSprite;
		import away3d.sprites.Sprite3D;
		import com.greensock.TweenLite;
		import flash.display.Sprite;
		import flash.display.StageAlign;
		import flash.display.StageScaleMode;
		import flash.geom.Vector3D;
		import wumedia.vector.VectorText;
	[SWF(backgroundColor='#333333', frameRate='60')]
	public class PositionOnSphere extends Sprite
		private var _scene:Scene3D;
		private var _camera:Camera3D;
		private var _view:View3D;
		public var  _lookX:int = 300;
		public var _lookY:int = 200;
		public var _lookZ:int = 700;
		private var sphere:Sphere;
		private var sphereOrbit1:Sphere;
		private var sphereOrbit1Phi:Number;
		private var sphereOrbit1Theta:Number;
		private var sphereOrbit2:Sphere;
		private var sphereOrbit2Phi:Number;
		private var sphereOrbit2Theta:Number;
		private var sphereOrbit3:Sphere;
		private var sphereOrbit3Phi:Number;
		private var sphereOrbit3Theta:Number;
		private var target01:Cube;
		private var target02:Cube;
		public function PositionOnSphere()
			stage.scaleMode = StageScaleMode.NO_SCALE;
			stage.align = StageAlign.TOP_LEFT;
			this.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, render);

		private function initScene():void
			_scene = new Scene3D();
			_camera = new Camera3D({z:-1000});
			_view = new View3D({scene:_scene, camera:_camera});
			_view.x = stage.stageWidth/2;
			_view.y = stage.stageHeight/2;
			_view.clipping = new RectangleClipping({minX:-stage.stageWidth/2, minY:-stage.stageHeight/2, maxX:stage.stageWidth/2, maxY:stage.stageHeight/2});
			// Add trident for reference
			var tri:Trident = new Trident( (1000/2+100),true);
		private function initObjects():void
			var plane:Plane = new Plane();
			plane.width = plane.height = 50000;
			plane.y = -1000;
			plane.segmentsW = plane.segmentsH = 12;
			plane.material = new WireframeMaterial(0x222222);
			sphere = new Sphere({material:"white#black",radius:200});
			sphere.ownCanvas = true;
			sphere.alpha = .7;
			sphere.bothsides = true;
			sphere.x = _lookX;
			sphere.y = _lookY;
			sphere.z = _lookZ;
			//setup target objects
			target01 = new Cube({material:"black#white", depth:50, width:50, height:50});
			target02 = new Cube({material:"black#white", depth:50, width:50, height:50});
			target02.x = _lookX;
			target02.y = _lookY;
			target02.z = _lookZ;
			//set up orbiting spheres
			sphereOrbit1 = new Sphere({material:"yellow#black",radius:20});
			sphereOrbit1Phi = radians(0);
			sphereOrbit1Theta = radians(90);
			sphereOrbit2 = new Sphere({material:"red#black",radius:20});
			sphereOrbit2Phi = radians(90);
			sphereOrbit2Theta = 0;
			sphereOrbit3 = new Sphere({material:"blue#black",radius:20});
			sphereOrbit3Phi = 0
			sphereOrbit3Theta = radians(90);

		private function objectHandler(e:MouseEvent3D):void
			var obj:Object3D = as Object3D;
		private function setCoords(_targetObject:Object3D,_radius:Number = 300,_phi:Number = 0,_theta:Number = 0):void{
			var xp:int = _lookX - (_radius) * Math.sin(_phi) * Math.cos(_theta);
			var zp:int = _lookZ - (_radius) * Math.sin(_phi) * Math.sin(_theta);
			var yp:int = _lookY - (_radius) * Math.cos(_phi);
			_targetObject.x = xp;
			_targetObject.y = yp;
			_targetObject.z = zp;
		private function hoverCamera():void
			var mX:Number = this.mouseX > 0 ? this.mouseX : 0;
			var mY:Number = this.mouseY > 0 ? this.mouseY : 0;
			//you need to init tarX and tarY with the _lookX and _lookY
			var tarX:Number = _lookX +  5*(mX  - (stage.stageWidth*.5 ));
			var tarY:Number = _lookY + -5*(mY - (stage.stageHeight*.5));
			var dX:Number = _camera.x - tarX;
			var dY:Number = _camera.y - tarY;
			var dZ:Number = _lookZ - 1000 ;
			_camera.x -= dX*0.25;
			_camera.y -= dY*0.25;
			//always keep Z 1000 away from target
			_camera.z = _lookZ - 1000;
			_camera.lookAt(new Vector3D(_lookX, _lookY, _lookZ));
		private function tweenCameraTarget(_x:int,_y:int,_z:int):void{
			//this tweens the look at variables, 1, {_lookX:_x,_lookY:_y,_lookZ:_z});,1,{x:_x, y:_y, z:_z});
		private function radians(_degrees:Number):Number{
			//convert degrees to radians
			return _degrees*(Math.PI/180);
		private function degrees(_radians:Number):Number{
			//convert radians to degrees
			return _radians*(180/Math.PI);
		private function render(evt:Event):void
			setCoords(sphereOrbit2,330,sphereOrbit2Phi,sphereOrbit2Theta += radians(2) );
			setCoords(sphereOrbit3,270,sphereOrbit3Phi +=radians(4),sphereOrbit3Theta);
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Freelance @ White Agency

Just finished a 4 day stint at The White Agency, working on another AS3 dev job for CBA.
A nice sraight forward job, although client changed there minds as always on a couple of key issues, it was a straight forward good job. It was realistically my first job using Flash Builder, as I migrated from FDT. Really Coooool.

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Freelance @ White Agency – CBA, Credit Card Selector Tool

I recently completed a short stint at ‘The White Agency‘ in a flash dev role, building a ‘Credit Card Selector Tool’ for Commbank . I actually came in to replace another freelancer who built the intro carousel, apart from that I built the rest. The actual build time was around 10 days. It was released in two stages, the second stage included the video guide as well.



Taking over from another developer always results in a few extra days in development, often and in this case it was quicker for me to start from the beginning rather than try to use existing code.

You can view the project here, as long as it is online.

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Typoart website launch

Recently I have just launched a HTML/CSS/jQuery based website. Focusing on customised typographical based art, this relatively small e-commerce based website is something I haven’t done for a long time which is a complete website with no flash. One of the main reasons behind this is small budget, quick turnaround and low and behold it work on iOS!!!! So I’ve had a dabble now in jQuery which I find rather cool. However don’t get me wrong flash is not dead…. but it has it’s place and for somthing like this website, there is no need. My CSS is also improving, and I think one of the most important featrue in CSS is display:


Instead of handling the transaction internally, again I have opted for Paypal. I find it extremely annoying developing for paypal using there sandbox, it so non user friendly… well the whole paypal website is good example of frustration! Next e-commerce solution I would like to try something like eWAY.

I also designed the logotype and am about to start designing all the stationary ect….


Love projects are called love projects for one reason, they send you broke!’
Leon Wilson

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SQL Snippet: Update table field using a join using SQL

This is a handy little snippet if you need to update one field (source) in one table (table 1) from the results of a field in a related table (table 2)

UPDATE table1 JOIN table1 ON = SET table2.source = table1.source

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